Thermocouple Type J Wire

Thermocouple Type J Wire At Aerospace Wire & Cable we offer Type J in both thermocouple wire grade, and extension grade in both solid and stranded constructions. Temperature ratings for insulating materials range from 60C to 260C. Cables with SLE conductors are also available upon request.

Customization capabilities regarding color codes, cabling, shields, AWG sizes are available upon request.

Thermocouple Type J is an electrical cable that is made up of iron (positive) and constantan (negative). It is similar to Type K in terms of expense and reliability. Type J has a smaller temperature range (-210C to 760C*) and shorter lifespan than Type K, when exposed to higher temperatures.

*thermocouple grade

Thermocouple Type J Applications

Type J Thermocouples are well suited to oxidizing temperatures. It is typically used in older equipment that is unable to accept more modern thermocouples. Hot processes such as plastics and the manufacturing of resins make use of Type J. It is also used for monitoring in a vacuum

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